Картинки по запросу Chubby Bunny DiceWhenever you are out on a family picnic, engaging in a shared activity can be a great way to enhance positive family interactions, workout, and have some fun together. The nature of events is often informed by the type of family and the location of the picnic. All in all, always plan games for all ages to ensure no one is left out.

  • Chubby Bunny Dice

To play this game, you need a dice and a few bags of marshmallows. The object of this game is to roll a matching set of dice. Failure to roll a matching piece requires you to put one marshmallow into your mouth. As such, this implies that the loser is the person that puts the most number of marshmallows into their mouth. The good thing about this game is that losing means having more marshmallows, which taste good. This can be a great pastime activity for a family.

  • Brainy Balloon Toss

This is a great family game. To play, you need a blown up balloon, timer, and some trivia cards. Each tea should have a trivia car reader to pose a question to the other team. Each team is expected to answer and at the same time keep the balloon up. Adults or older members of the teams are tasked with keeping the balloon up as the younger members answer questions.

  • Hide and Seek

This is a perfect example of classic outdoor activities. Do your little ones love playing hide and seek? Hide and seek is an excellent activity for both adults and kids. By playing this game, your kids get an opportunity to disconnect with technology and improve their social skills as you giggle together.

Family activities are all about fun and preserving your family’s customs and preferences. Also, these family activities help different family members connect and bond with each other.